Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see the mix I have downloaded?
You will receive an email receipt from us as soon as payment is made. This receipt will contain the download link. Or if you had created an account you may login to your Account (link in the navigation bar at the top of the site) to see your Order history. You can download the files as many times as you like.

What about the physical CDs? How are they packaged and shipped? And how long does it take to be delivered? Do you offer tracking?
For answers to all these questions about physical CDs, please read our Shipping and Refund Policy.

What file format does the downloaded music come in?
All music is offered in Mp3 format with a quality of not less than 128 kbps. These mp3 files will be compressed to a zip file. You may have to use a tool like winzip to uncompress the zip file. Winzip is available to download for free online. Once winzip is downloaded and installed, you may use it to uncompress the zip file, that you have downloaded, to get the mp3 music files. These mp3 music files can be played with any media player, iPod or any portable music player as well as any car or home music players that supports the mp3 format.

Do I need a high speed internet connection?
No, but we highly recommend it. Using a dial-up connection will cause your mix to be downloaded at a slow rate.

Where on my computer did my downloads get saved to?
It’s up to you to select the download location, but if you forget, you can also use the Search button in the Windows Explorer navigation bar. In the Search field, type *.mp3 or *.zip since all music files you download from end with the extension mp3 or zip.

How do I know if downloads are safe?
We promise you that all mixes you download from is free of viruses and completely safe for your computer. is not responsible for system, software, or hardware issues with your computer.

What do I need to transfer downloaded mixes to a portable device?
You need an MP3 compatible device. The iPod or other media player will work just fine.

How do I transfer my downloaded mixes to an approved portable device?
See software manual for your device.

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