What is iChunez? And who are you guys?

iChunez is a website and YouTube Channel to promote Dancehall and Reggae music worldwide by exposing fans to various mixes. Fans are able to listen to entire streaming mixes via our YouTube Channel courtesy of some of the hottest DJs, Artists and Producers in the industry. Simply put, iChunez brings the ‘vibes’ to you, on demand. Fans are being exposed to the latest mixes, as well as some of the greatest old school Dancehall and Reggae tunes (aka ‘chunez’ – a colloquial Jamaican slang based on the word tunes).

The masterminds behind iChunez spent pretty much all of their adolescent and adult lives listening to and appreciating an important part of the Jamaican culture: Dancehall/Reggae music. Realizing that there are a number of restrictions being placed on our music today (especially Dancehall), we saw the need to bring the language and energy of the Jamaica people to the world through an unrestricted medium (the internet), so that our self expression can be seen for the art that it really is. We have also noticed that over the years Dancehall and Reggae music build better ‘vibes’ when mixed with various songs on the same rhythm (aka ‘riddim’). Think of it as having multiple artists, one after the other delivering hits after hits while the ‘riddim’ flows and the party ‘builds’. Personally, that is how we prefer to listen to Dancehall and Reggae Music; mixed by talented DJs using different sound effects (vocals, air horns, scratches, pull ups etc.) than listen to track 1… then 2 second pause… then track 2 (on a different ‘riddim’) and so on and so forth. Boring! It was on that premise iChunez was born. We definitely hope you enjoy the party and keep it tuned to iChunez!

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